The genuine bromance between Erling Haaland and Jack Grealish is evident as their heartwarming reunion takes place

The genuine bromance between Erling Haaland and Jack Grealish is evident as Manchester City captured a delightful moment of their reunion following their summer breaks.

In his debut season at the Etihad, Haaland impressively scored an astonishing 52 goals in all competitions, establishing himself as a prolific force.

Meanwhile, Grealish had a remarkable season after settling into the team, shining for the Blues during their extraordinary treble-winning campaign.

Their on-field connection translated into a blossoming off-field friendship, with the two players developing a strong bond.

The video uploaded by Manchester City during the players’ pre-season training indicates their eagerness to continue their cherished bromance.

“There he is,” Haaland said when he saw Grealish, who replied: “Alright. How are you, my friend?”

The England international then complimented his teammate’s new hairstyle: “Tell you what, I’m loving the barnet, you know.”

Haaland replied: “You like the hair,” to which Grealish said: “Yeah, love it.”

Man City fans online loved the exchange between Haaland and Grealish.

One Twitter user wrote: “Nothing can separate these two man.”

A second tweeted: “Chemistry on and off the pitch, another Champions League I reckon.”

A third added: “Things you love to see: Jack & Haaland’s bromance.”

A fourth exclaimed: “F**king love these two together.”

Another said: “Erling’s smile at the end is so cute.”

Erling Haaland and Jack Grealish pose for a picture with the Champions League trophy. Image: Getty

Haaland and Grealish lead somewhat different lifestyles, with the 27-year-old talking up his friendship with the Norwegian phenom in a refreshing insight.

“We have a great friendship but he will point at me after a game and say: ‘Hey. Don’t you go out tonight partying’. I just tell him to shut up and go and sit in his ice bath. But that’s us. Two different people doing well in our own way,” he explained.

“I am not as successful as him. He has scored more goals this season than I have in my whole career. But if he did what I occasionally did he would be like: ‘F**king hell I feel terrible today’.

“I have a release that’s different to this. He is going home and sitting with his family and having a take away. Sometimes that is my choice too. I love doing that. But sometimes I like to go out and let my hair down.”

The ex-Aston Villa captain added: “I am not gonna sit here and lie and say I don’t go out. What’s the point? It’s also pointless telling you I am here at 8am going in the gym and that’s the reason I am playing well. It’s not.

“The reason I am playing well is because I feel fit, confident, good in myself and like I am at home here. But I still love an occasional drink and going out with my friends. That’s just normal.”