The latest Florentino Perez audio: Reveals Mourinho’s takedown of Ozil’s girlfriend

All week long, years-old audio clips ofReal MadridpresidentFlorentino Perezhave been released by El Confidencial and more have come out this Friday.

In the latest batch,Perez‘s thoughts onGuti,Mesut Ozil,Luis Figo,Micheland others have been revealed. Here comes a summary of what was revealed in this Friday’s audio clips.

The story of Mourinho and Ozil’s girlfriend

“[Ozil] came here aged 21. He is third generation Turk and then he discovers Madrid. There was nothing, no Turks, dicks, third generation or girlfriend. He sent his girlfriend away and changed his lifestyle, falling for an Italian model from Milan. He had a private jet, so he would fly out there, have sex and come back. Then one day, he annoyedJose Mourinho, who jokingly said ‘HeyOzil, idiot, let me tell you something as if I were your father, because this girl you’re going out with has f**ked everyone atInterandAC Milan, including the coaching staff of both teams.’ [Ozil] ended up leaving her.”

Florentino Perez’s thoughts on Guti

“He’s a moron, his own worst enemy. He’s a mug, like a goat.”

Remembering the Galacticos’ dressing room

Luis Figois the one who pisses off the dressing room. He has been a son of a b**ch, likeRaul. The two bad eggs wereFigoandRaul. The best wasZinedine Zidane, without a doubt.”

Hitting out at the legends of the Quinta del Buitre era

“These guys think they can live offReal Madriduntil they die. It’s shameful, but that’s how it is. It’s all of them.Buitre,Sanchis,Michel,Martin Vazquez…”

More criticism of Michel

“He is a fraudster, a terrible coach. He was coach ofCastilla. I think it wasMichelwho forcedJuan Mataout, to make space for his son.”

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