The list of fines Frank Lampard implemented during his last spell as Chelsea manager are brutal

Chelsea has made a surprising move by appointing Frank Lampard as their interim manager, following the sacking of Graham Potter on April 2nd.

Less than seven months after taking charge of Stamford Bridge, Graham Potter was dismissed, leading to speculation about who would replace him.

Despite reported interest from top coaches like Julian Nagelsmann, Luis Enrique, and Mauricio Pochettino, Chelsea has opted to bring back Frank Lampard as the team’s manager until the end of the season.

Lampard, who holds the record for the most goals scored in Chelsea’s history and is returning for his second stint as manager, was previously sacked by the club in January 2021, after serving as head coach for 18 months.

In addition to his previous dismissal from Chelsea, Lampard was recently let go by Everton in January 2023, despite having been on the job at Goodison Park for less than a year.

Lampard’s deep knowledge of Chelsea’s workings is almost unmatched, as evidenced by his presence in the stands during the team’s recent 0-0 draw with Liverpool on Tuesday night.

“It’s a pretty easy decision,” the Premier League legend told reporters during a press conference on Thursday. “This is my club. I have a lot of emotions and feelings. I’ve come with a belief I can come and help the cause until the end of the season. I’ll give my utmost to give the fans what they want.”

Lampard’s fines system at Chelsea leaked online


While Lampard was in his first tenure as manager at Chelsea, a confidential document outlining his fines system for the 2019-20 season was leaked and subsequently shared online.

A notice containing a comprehensive list of fines that Chelsea players could face for breaching Lampard’s rules during the 2019-20 season was accidentally made public and circulated online, while Lampard was still in charge.

Let’s take a closer look at the fines:

1. Late for Match day / First Team departure – £2,500.⠀

2. Late for Report Time for training (plus £2,500 for every 15 minutes thereafter) – £2,500.⠀

3. Late in gym for pre activation – £1,000.⠀

4. Late for Treatment – £2,500.⠀

5. Late for Team Meetings – £500 per minute.⠀

6. Late for start of training – £20,000.⠀

7. Phone ringing during Team meal or meeting – £1,000.⠀

8. Reporting in the wrong attire / kit for Team Travel and Match days – £1,000.⠀

9. Not travelling back on Team coach post match, without giving 48 hours notice to the Manager or an Assistant manager – £5,000.⠀

10. Refusal or not turning up for corporate / community duties – £5,000.⠀

11. Not reporting illness or injury before day off or 1 hour 30 minutes before training – £10,000.⠀

12. Late for medical appointments – £2,500.⠀

A stern warning was included underneath the list of fines in bold letters, stating that all fines must be paid within 14 days, after which any outstanding balance would be doubled – a clear incentive for players to adhere to the rules.

The notice outlining Lampard’s fines system also stated that any funds collected from players’ fines would be used to fund team activities and charitable organizations, incentivizing players to avoid penalties and contribute to good causes.

The document also outlined additional internal rules for players to follow, such as meeting body composition targets and restricting agents from accessing the training ground, further emphasizing the team’s strict standards under Lampard’s leadership.

Here’s the notice in full, signed and dated by Lampard himself.

It seems likely that Lampard will impose the same list of fines during his second spell as Chelsea manager, based on the fact that his fines system was also used at Everton.

Note for all of Chelsea’s current players: don’t step out of line under Lampard because it’ll certainly cost you!