The Premier League table without VAR makes for interesting reading

A Premier League table without VAR has been generated, resulting in some changes in position compared to the actual league standings.

After the first four fixtures of the new season leading up to the international break, Manchester City, the reigning champions, hold the top spot as the only team with a perfect record.

They are followed by Tottenham, Liverpool, West Ham, Arsenal, and Brighton, all of whom are unbeaten and have earned 10 points.

Considering the controversies and debates caused by VAR in the early stages of the campaign, London World has created a table that reflects how the Premier League standings might appear without the technology.

This table accounts for VAR decisions that led to goals being disallowed or awarded, as well as penalties awarded.

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There would be no change at the very top as City would still be top of the league on 12 points but Spurs would be level, with the top four remaining in the exact same order.

However, Arsenal and Brighton would swap places in fifth and sixth, with the Gunners losing a point.

Manchester United, who saw Alejandro Garnacho’s goal against Arsenal disallowed for the tightest offside, would be in 8th instead of 11th having been given one more point.

The bottom three would be as it is now, with both Burnley and Luton Town yet to pick up a first point.

Here is the table in full:

20.Burnley – 0 points – 0 change

19.Luton Town – 0 points – 0 change

18.Everton – 1 point – 0 change

17.Sheffield United – 1 point – 0 change

16.Bournemouth – 2 points – 0 change

15.Wolves – 3 points – 0 change

14.Newcastle United – 3 points – 0 change

13.Fulham – 4 points – 0 change

12.Chelsea – 4 points – 0 change

11.Brentford – 5 points +1 change

10.Aston Villa – 6 points – 0 change

9.Nottingham Forest – 6 points – 0 change

8.Manchester United – 7 points +1 change

7.Crystal Palace – 7 points – 0 change

6.Arsenal – 9 points – -1 change

5.Brighton – 9 points – 0 change

4.West Ham – 10 points – 0 change

3.Liverpool – 10 points – 0 change

2.Spurs – 12 points – +2 change

1.Manchester City -12 points – 0 change.

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