The video of Jack Grealish attempting to speak Chinese for a TV advert is going viral, and it is truly remarkable

A video of Jack Grealish trying to speak Chinese for a TV advert is going viral – and it’s incredible viewing from start to finish.

The 27-year-old Manchester City forward, who has been one of the club’s standout performers this season, can be seen standing in front of a green screen with a red paper scroll in his hand.

Grealish is then asked by a woman behind the camera to repeat the phrase: “Watch the big show in the spring” in Chinese.

As you can see from the footage below, it takes the Birmingham-born England international a good while to process the words but after a solid minute, he [kind of] gets into the swing of things.

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Here’s how social media reacted to the scenes.

One fan commented: “The fact he is trying so hard to learn it. Absolutely adore this man,” while another wrote: “It’s like on Friends when joey tried to learn French.”

A third wrote: “His face when he fully tries it. God I love him.”

A fourth added: “I can’t help but like Grealish, just one of us living the dream.”

Image credit: TikTok

This isn’t the first time Grealish has entertained the masses on camera. Back in 2021, his brilliant reaction after a reporter asked about his ‘encyclopedic’ knowledge of football while on England duty received millions of views.

Ahead of their Group D clash against Scotland at Wembley, Grealish was asked about his thoughts on then-Aston Villa manager Dean Smith praising his knowledge of football.

The combination of his strong Brummy accent and that confused look is priceless.

After asking where he gets his knowledge of football from, the reporter goes on to explain the definition of the word.

“So, you know everything there is to know about football,” she says. “An encyclopedia is a book that has descriptions of every word and thing in it.”

In that very same interview, Grealish was asked about his thoughts on comments made by Jose Mourinho, who compared his talents to former Real Madrid midfielder Luis Figo.

“I don’t like making comparisons, especially with a Golden Ball winner, but Grealish reminds me of my Figo,” he said ontalkSPORT.

“Figo, I had him in different periods in my career but I had him in his last season as a player at Inter Milan and even in his last season he was like, ‘give me the ball and I will resolve the problems for you’.

“The way Grealish gets the ball and attacks people, gets fouls, gets penalties, he’s very powerful, I like him very much.”

Grealish responded by saying he would love to play under Mourinho in the future.

“I heard what Mourinho said, a lot of people sent me that,” he toldtalkSPORTin response to Mourinho.

“You try not to listen to too much, whether it’s good or bad. It’s always nice when people are speaking about you, especially someone like Jose Mourinho.

“He’s done so much in the game, he’s such a popular man in football and he’s not short of football knowledge.

“Luis Figo is someone who I looked up to when I was a kid. He was an unbelievable player, but the the main thing was it came from Mourinho, who is an unbelievable manager.

“He’s done unbelievable things in the game. Hopefully one day I could play under him.”

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