Video clip surfaced Leroy Sane visibly angry with Sadio Mane during a pre-Manchester City vs Bayern Munich match

A video clip of Leroy Sane appearing angry with Sadio Mane during Bayern Munich’s game against SC Freiburg surfaced, just a few days before the team’s 3-0 defeat to Manchester City.

According to sensational reports from Germany, Mane, and Sane had a heated argument in the dressing room after the loss to City, which reportedly culminated in Mane punching Sane in the face. Sky Germany claims that Sane’s lip was bleeding, and the other players had to intervene to separate the two players.

Following the initial reports of the altercation between Leroy Sane and Sadio Mane, video footage surfaced revealing the apparent reason for Sane’s outburst towards Mane during the match.

The incident occurred in the 83rd minute when Sane tried to pass the ball to Mane’s feet, who was making a run behind Manchester City’s defense.

However, a miscommunication between the two players resulted in City regaining possession easily, while they were leading 3-0. Sane’s frustration was evident as he jumped up in anger, while the home team continued their attack.

But it seems their disagreements go further back.

A few days further back, at least.

Another video clip has surfaced, showing Leroy Sane apparently getting into a heated exchange with Sadio Mane.

Bayern won the match 1-0 thanks to Matthijs de Ligt’s goal but there seemed to be a disagreement between the two wingers.

During Bayern Munich’s match against SC Freiburg, Leroy Sane had possession of the ball as his team tried to create a scoring opportunity. Sane passed the ball to a teammate and gestured with his arm toward Sadio Mane, appearing to direct him to make a run forward.

However, the ball eventually found its way to Mane, but Sane seemed disinterested and turned his back on the play, making no attempt to get involved.

VIDEO: Sane was fuming at Mane in the match before Man City

All is not well at Bayern.

Despite all of that – and the 3-0 first leg defeat – Bayern boss, Thomas Tuchel, has insisted the tie isn’t over yet.

“This does not feel like a 3-0 but it is a 3-0 and it is a huge, huge task now to turn this around,” he admitted.

“We are realistic but we will not give up. It will not be over until we are in the shower.”

Whether Mane will be called upon next week for the second leg remains to be seen…

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