Video shows Sergio Ramos refusing to sign Real Madrid shirt

Sergio Ramos is a Real Madrid legend. There is absolutely no denying that. The Spaniard spent 16 years with the club and played close to 700 games along the way. He departed in 2021, though, when he joined Paris Saint-Germain, but now, he’s back in La Liga at Sevilla, the club he started his career at.

The defender will no doubt be remembered predominantly for his work at Madrid, and there’s no doubt that’s his big legacy. After all, he won pretty much everything there is to win during his time with the club. As a result, you’d imagine he’d hold goodwill towards Los Blancos, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. During a brief moment when he was signing some things for a football fan, he made his feelings about his former club very clear when he was asked to sign one of his old shirts for the team.

Ramos signed everything but a Real Madrid shirt

After signing several other shirts for the fan, Ramos wasted no time turning him down when he produced one of the defender’s old Real Madrid shirts from his 16 years at the Bernabeu. The 37-year-old, straight up, refused to sign the shirt and quickly moved on to something else instead.

In his recent match against Madrid, things got heated between Ramos and Antonio Rudiger, so we’re not sure if that has played a part in this, but it’s pretty clear he doesn’t want to associate with that portion of his career right now. It’s a shame to see things have ended up here considering the glorious tenure he had at Los Blancos. If he only wanted to sign shirts from his current club, Sevilla, it would be a little more understandable, but the fact he was happy to sign a PSG shirt, makes his decision to refuse the Madrid one all the more surprising.

Ramos had an incredible run at Real Madrid

While Ramos clearly doesn’t really want anything to do with Real Madrid right now, there’s no taking away from the incredible years he spent at the club. After arriving in 2005 from Sevilla, the Spaniard spent16 years with Los Blancosand played 671 times. He also scored 101 goals, making him one of the highest-scoring defenders of all time.

It wasn’t just individual success, though, as Ramos won pretty much everything during his time at Madrid. Alongside his teammates, he won five La Liga trophies and four Champions Leagues, which is just an incredible return in such a short period of time. Playing alongside the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Ramos helped forge one of the greatest teams of the 21st century and their incredible trio of Champions League triumphs in a row is something that will be almost impossible to replicate.

Something has clearly gone wrong in the years since, though. Hopefully, at some point, Ramos will want to reminisce about his team at the Bernabeu, and he’ll embrace the legacy that he built during his time at the club.

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