Jamie Carragher has defended Manchester United fans’ protests


Jamie Carragher Perfectly Dismantles ‘Lazy Punditry’ Regarding Manchester United Protests In Legendary Rant

Jamie Carragher has defended Manchester United fans’ protests against those who claimed their actions were only because the club is no longer successful.

On Sunday, United fans caused the postponement of their side’s game with rivals Liverpool when protests against the club’s owners saw hundreds of fans run onto the pitch at Old Trafford.

There was mixed reaction from fans, former players and pundits as the merits of the protests, with some fans taking things too far.

Some, most notably Graeme Souness, tried to claim that United fans were choosing to protest now because they’re not successful anymore, with the team currently on their longest run since 1989 without a trophy.

Speaking on Monday Night Football, Carragher explained why that wasn’t the case and said suggestion that was the reason was ‘lazy.’

“I really want to get this message across. This is not the European Super League for me. When we had the six clubs, we spoke about this a couple of weeks ago, the supporters who really felt this more and marched on stadiums are Manchester United and Arsenal – that’s because they had a huge problem with their owners before this,” the former Liverpool defender explained in a passionate sermon.

“This was the tipping point. Other supporters are very angry with their owners, but don’t necessarily want them out. I think it’s different for these two clubs, because of that.

Banners in 2010, when United were champions. Image: PA Images

“If you’re going to speak about something and you’re going to speak about something passionately – and you can have your opinion – back it up with the facts.

“This is nothing to do with where Manchester United are in the league. Yes, there’s been a decline, obviously, but this campaign has been going on for a long, long time, from when Manchester United were very, very successful.

“So let’s not accuse Manchester United fans of just throwing the toys out the pram because they’re not competing with [Manchester] City or in the Champions League, whatever it may be. That is absolute nonsense.”

Protest continues inside Old Trafford. #GlazersOut 🟢🟡 pic.twitter.com/oKzgZmkma2

— United Update (@UnitedsUpdate) May 2, 2021

Whilst Carragher, Gary Neville, Roy Keane and Micah Richards, all working on the live coverage of the game that never happened, backed the protesters, Souness was vocal in his dislike of the fans’ actions.

Speaking on Sunday, the former Liverpool manager said, “I think it’s born out of United not being top dogs as much as what happened last week.

“It’s only since Fergie stopped that the success has stopped and I think that irritates supporters and they have become the focus of their anger. I think it’s slightly misdirected.”

As Carragher rightly pointed out, that is clearly not the case with protests starting when the Glazers took over the club in 2003 and continuing throughout their tenure in charge of the club.