Manchester United fans going crazy at Old Trafford


Manchester United Fans Protest Against Glazer Family at Old Trafford 

Before that, Manchester United supporters protested against the Glazer family outside the team’s bus at the Lowry Hotel.

Now Look what’s going on at Trafford

Confirmed. #ManchesterUnited

β€” Andrew Lindsay (@utocue) May 2, 2021

BREAKING: Manchester United vs. Liverpool has been postponed amid safety concerns following fan protests at Old Trafford.

β€” B/R Football (@brfootball) May 2, 2021

One of the protesters outside Manchester United stadium Old Trafford says the protest “isn’t just about the European Super League”, adding that the Glazer family, which has controlled the club since 2005, “need to go”.

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β€” Sky News (@SkyNews) May 2, 2021

Roy Keane on the protests: "It has reached a tipping point for the Manchester United fans. They have had enough. United have got some of the best fans in the world. We have seen today that they are thinking enough is enough with the ownership of the club." #GlazersOut πŸ”°

— Sujal Swain (@officialsujal10) May 2, 2021

BREAKING: Angry Manchester United fans are staging a protest against the club’s owners after getting inside their Old Trafford stadium.

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β€” Sky News (@SkyNews) May 2, 2021

Gary Neville at Old Trafford today.

Give this man a knighthood. He speaks not just for Manchester United fans, but for all football fans everywhere. @GNev2 πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

β€” Rory Haczewski (@RoryHaczewski) May 2, 2021

Give this man a statue, this is what Manchester United fans are really about ❀️

β€” 𝓛𝓲π“ͺ𝓢 πŸπŸ”° (@LJxmes) May 2, 2021

Huge turnout at Old Trafford by Manchester United fans.

β€” Stan Collymore (@StanCollymore) May 2, 2021

Wow, hundreds of fans have got onto the pitch at Old Trafford, they’re protesting against the ownership of the club. 😱 #MUFC

β€” The Away Fans Videos (@TheAwayFansVids) May 2, 2021

I’m so proud to be a Manchester United supporter. #GlazersOut

β€” Breezy Montana πŸ”° (@JustTooBreezy) May 2, 2021

Manchester United carried no debt from 1931 to 2005.

But in 2005, the Glazer family acquired the team via leveraged buyout β€” adding $700M+ of debt.

They also paid themselves ~$30M in dividends last year.

I’m going to write about it this week.

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β€” Joe Pompliano (@JoePompliano) May 2, 2021