New Footage Shows England Fans Fighting With Ticketless Gate Crashers


New footage has emerged online showing angry Three Lions supporters confronting gate crashers ahead of the Euro 2020 Final between England and Italy.

Ahead of the game, a handful people were captured on camera attempting to get into Wembley Stadium without tickets.

Pushing their way past security, they eventually made it past the turnstiles and into the ground where they attempted to storm the ticket booth.

Here, they were met by a wall of fuming England fans who were also waiting to collect their tickets – ones which they’d paid for.

Sick to my stomach. Trying to enjoy the occasion but my feed is just filled with footage like this. Why?

— Chamatkar Sandhu (@SandhuMMA) July 11, 2021

Now countless videos have flooded social media showing the absolute beating that the gate crashers copped at the hands of the paying spectators.

As security barricaded the doors, the gate crashers fled the scene on foot but were immediately confronted by a bunch of Three Lions supporters who punched and kicked them in a bid to stop them escaping.


More of this. It’s appalling. Not enough police and security guards being overwhelmed.

— Dominic King (@DominicKing_DM) July 11, 2021

The scenes that unfolded were pretty confronting to watch with one of the grounded gate crashers resorting to curling up into a ball to avoid being struck as people tried to stomp on his head.

The young man was eventually escorted away by stadium security.

Later on the clip, you can see the same set of blokes unload on one of the gate crashers, hammering him with a barrage of blows to the head from all angles.

One of the gate crashers looks particularly young, definitely still a teenager.


We witnessed this and I stepped away just in time. If this is even crossing your mind, don’t. You don’t get far. Please don’t ruin it for everyone at Wembley.

— Michelle Owen (@MichelleOwen7) July 11, 2021

Wembley rn

— Rave Footage 🎥 (@RaveFootage) July 11, 2021

Videos of the wild incident did the rounds online and appeared to spark a wider debate as to whether the gate crashers deserved it.

Some social media users thought they did deserved it, while others simply couldn’t believe the ugly and damn right disgraceful scenes that were unfolding before their very eyes.

Not good. Not good at all.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter