Primary School Goes Viral After Incredible Gesture To Allow Kids To Watch Euro 2020 Final


A primary school in Hartlepool has gone viral after they offered to let kids come to school late on Monday morning after the Euro 2020 final, in order for them to work better during the day.

On Sunday night, Gareth Southgate’s England team will make history when they play Italy in the Euro 2020 final, the team’s first final since winning the World Cup in 1966.

After 27 million people tuned in to watch the semi final victory over Italy on Wednesday night, secured after Raheem Sterling controversially won a penalty, the whole nation could be watching on television come Sunday.

It could be a pretty late night if it goes all the way to extra time and penalties, and that’s before all the partying or commiserating, and especially for kids.

Rossmere Primary School went viral for their brilliant decision to allow kids to come in late if they watch the game, in order to make sure they aren’t tired and unable to work.

They explained their decision in a post on Facebook that was shared everywhere:

Rossmere Primary School’s offer. Image: Facebook

Worrying that some people would take it the wrong way and think it were an excuse to not bring kids into classes on Monday, the school later added, “We had not expected this post to get so much interest as it was only targeted at Rossmere parents. Just a few notes in response to the negative comments –

“1. We are not encouraging children to stay off school – quite the opposite. With a number of parents being allowed time off work on the Monday, we didn’t want to see children taking the whole day off because they were tired. Allowing some to come in later means that they will be ready for learning when they arrive. Swapping the timetable round means they won’t miss learning.

“2. All children have had their education and life experiences damaged for the last 16 months. The job of schools is to give children the best experiences possible, which will help in their education. This is an event of national pride and is such an important teaching point that we want children to be part of that.

“3. A number of other schools are doing the same and we were not the first!

“Thank you for the positive comments. Rossmere is an amazing school with amazing staff, children and families.”

Southgate will be hoping he can celebrate like this again on Sunday. Image: PA Images

As the school correctly pointed out, they aren’t the only school who are offering kids the chance to come in more refreshed following the final and several others have posted similar messages.

Of course adults will be hoping they get some similar grace from their companies as they all wake up with sore heads on Monday.

But will they be from celebrating or drowning sorrows, is it coming home?

Featured Image Credit: PA