Liverpool Fans Voted As Best At Creating An Atmosphere In The Premier League


Liverpool fans have been voted as the best at creating an atmosphere in the Premier League, according to fans of their rival clubs.

Oh how we missed football fans at grounds last year. Sure there was plenty of good football on offer but without fans it wasn’t the same at all.

On Friday, full crowds finally return to the Premier League for the first time since March 2020, when newly promoted Brentford host Arsenal.

Not only will it be a boost to the clubs’ bank accounts to have fans back but also a boost to viewing figure on tv as well. That’s according to a fan survey from Betfair, taken out by YouGov, on fans of England’s top tier. With 25% saying they’ll watch more football now fans will be heard, and not FIFA game noises.

The survey, based on the teams who were in the league last season, also discovered that Liverpool fans create the best atmosphere, with rivals Manchester United just behind.

1. Liverpool

Liverpool fans will have to wait until the second week of the season to see their team at Anfield. Image: PA

2. Manchester United

3. Newcastle

4. Leeds

5. Crystal Palace

6. Chelsea

7. Aston Villa

8. West Ham

9. Everton

10. Man City

11. Spurs

12. Arsenal

13. Leicester

14. Wolves

15. Norwich

16. Brighton

17. Brentford

18. Southampton

19. Burnley

20. Watford

As well as the fans creating the best atmosphere, the Reds can also take pride in the fact they beat their north west rivals to the title of best stadium in the league.

Tottenham Hotspur’s shiny new ground takes third on that list, the slightly less new Emirates Stadium gives Arsenal a Champions League spot and Newcastle United’s St James’ Park rounds off the top five.

The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium was only voted the third best ground. Image: PA Images

When it comes to winning the actual title this season, not that it’s as important as having the best fans, Manchester City will defend their title, according to the fans.

Whilst a supercomputer has given them a 40% chance of retaining the trophy, 54% of those surveyed have them winning the league again, and that’s before signing Harry Kane.

Those surveyed also think the newly promoted sides will all go down, which would only be the second time in the history of the league that’s happened.

Featured Image Credit: PA