Lionel Messi Is The Only Barcelona Player Richer Than Martin Braithwaite

Martin Braithwaite might have been one of the most surprising Barcelona signings in the club’s history, but it’s not as surprising as learning he’s one of the club’s richest players.

Going from Middlesbrough flop to Barcelona emergency signing in the space of about a year isn’t exactly the most frequently walked career paths, but it’s exactly what happened to Braithwaite.

He joined Barca in February 2020, and instantly made a bit of a fool of himself in the transfer presentation, and has played 53 times for the club since.

There’s been talk that he’ll be leaving this summer but instead of selling the Denmark forward, who impressed throughout Euro 2020, perhaps the club should be tapping him up or a loan to fix their financial problems.

According to Forbes, only Lionel Messi is richer amongst the playing staff at the Nou Camp than the Dane, and let’s face it, Messi earns a reported €1,360,731-a-week so it’s no wonder he’s the richest.

Braithwaite’s riches come from some excellent investments, in 2017 he invested $850,000 in a real estate business, and that’s certainly paid off.

Martin Braithwaite is the second-richest player on FC Barcelona after Lionel Messi, per Forbes.

Braithwaite owns a real estate business with his uncle that has a market value of €250 million as well as a clothing business with his wife and a smart house project in Philadelphia.

— Zach Lowy (@ZachLowy) July 8, 2021

The 30-year-old has turned a week of being on the receiving end of Messi’s pay cheque into a business that is now worth $250,000,000, decent work!

The former Boro striker, who only scored nine goals in 40 games whilst playing in north Yorkshire, also has a clothing business with his wife and owns a restaurant in Barcelona.

As well as making lots of money himself, the Dane wants to help create millionaires in the black community in America too.

Speaking on a Yahoo Finance chanel panel recently, via theIrish Times, the striker said, “We want to teach people about financial freedom and the power that they possess.

“We have so many things that we want to do and always with the mindset to give back.”

Braithwaite impressed during the Euros. Image: PA Images

Speaking about his efforts in the US, the striker told The Philadelphia Inquirer, “I always had this American side, and I think maybe that’s why my mindset is maybe more American: dreaming big, doing amazing things, writing goals down.

“In Denmark, we have an amazing system protecting the people. Everyone is good. No one needs anything. In America, it’s not really the same thing.”

With Messi’s contract having expired at the beginning of this month, Braithwaite is technically Barca’s richest player now, maybe he can help the club pay the Argentina player’s wages!

Featured Image Credit: PA

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