Liverpool Fans Still Reckon Steven Gerrard Missed A Penalty On Purpose To Get Hodgson Sacked

  Liverpool fans are STILL convinced Steven Gerrard missed a penalty on purpose to get then-manager Roy Hodgson sacked. Well, if he did do it on purpose, it worked because Hodgson was relieved from his Liverpool duties a few days after their crushing defeat to Blackburn back in January 2011. Hodgson took charge of the Premier League giants … Read more

The Moment Real Madrid’s Rodrygo Notices He’s Standing Next To ‘Legend’ Steven Gerrard

  Real Madrid forward Rodrygo was quick to approach Rangers manager Steven Gerrard during their pre-season clash. The talented Brazilian opened the scoring for Los Blancos in the 8th minute with a tidy finish but despite his efforts, Carlo Ancelotti’s side suffered defeat after goals from Fashion Sakala and Cedric Itten earned The Gers a deserved victory. Rodrygo twisting the Rangers defence in pre-season 🇧🇷🌪 … Read more